The Camping Pillow of Your Dreams for the Best Sleep of Your Life! 💤😴

So you’re looking for the world’s most comfortable camping pillow! The Trekology Aluft Plus is a game-changing pillow for the best sleep of your life in a tent! Sleeping on trail or sleeping in a tent can be tough and sometimes uncomfortable. The Trekology Aluft Plus camping pillow changes all that. The Trekology Aluft Plus pillow is the camping pillow of your dreams for the best sleep of your life.

This air pillow features an air bladder for neck and head support that can be inflated to your desired pillow firmness. There is an additional pocket sewn into the fabric so that if you desire increased head pillow height, you can stuff clothing, towels or extra blankets to build up this camping pillow even more.

The Trekology Aluft Plus backpacking pillow has a sleep pad strap so that you can secure the air pillow to your camping sleeping pad so that it doesn’t move around in the night. The Trekology camping pillow also has a crescent moon shape so that it can fit into the hood of a mummy sleeping bad seamlessly.

This is the most comfortable air pillow I have ever used and I high recommend this backpacking pillow, especially for side sleepers!

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Trekology Aluft Plus Pillow:

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