The Heavy Duty 400 Pound Suction Cup Vacuum Mount System For Hatchback Oversized Loads from Stanley
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Features & Benefits
Secure oversized loads in open tailgates, trunks and hatchbacks with the Stanley® Universal Tie-Down Kit, featuring two Stanley® Vacuum Mounts.
Proud and honored recipient 2nd place Best in Class Winner at the 2019 National Hardware Show.
Two Stanley® Vacuum Mounts

Size: 2.4” L (6.2 cm) x 5.3” W (13.5 cm) x 10.4” (26.4 cm)
Fast, easy, tool-free usage / installation
Each industrial strength anchor safely supports up to 200 lbs. of cargo, supporting a combined 400 pounds of cargo
Versatile mount securely affixes to any flat, hard, stable surface and connects to 1” tie-down safety strap for various hauling applications
Works best when used with Stanley® Safety Straps
One Stanley® Safety Strap

Extra-long 19.6’ cam-strap tightly secures standard to oversized cargo loads in truck bed, trailer, on car/SUV roof tops and more for a variety of hauling applications
Durable construction featuring heavy-duty 100% polyester cam buckle straps with 1” industrial-strength webbing that delivers superior performance
Stands up to 1,000 pounds of pull during acceleration and braking
Provides superior protection thanks to durable, soft neoprene padding that prevents the cam-buckle from scratching, scuffing and damaging vehicles
One premium cam-buckle
One deluxe karabiner clip

Used to clip to a vehicle’s lower trunk latch when the hatch is partially open, the clip provides an extra secure anchor point when using the Stanley® Safety Strap
One microfiber wipe cloth

13.5” x 14” cloth is used to wipe debris/dust/dirt off the vehicle to ensure optimal use of the Stanley® Vacuum Mounts
One durable black storage case

This durable double-latched case protects the parts in the Stanley® Universal Tie-Down Kit, keeping it safe until its next use