Trolling Crankbaits for Trout in a Kayak

Not many anglers associate trolling and kayaks but with the advent of pedal drive kayaks, trolling becomes a leisurely way to maintain speed and direction while covering tons of water.

-Rapala Shad Dancer Crankbait, #4:
-Old Town Topwater 120 PDL Kayak:
-MORE INFO on the Kayak:
-Humminbird Helix 5:
-Daiwa Legalis 1000 Spinning Reel:
-Falcon BuCoo Spinning Rod, 7′ Med-Light:
-Sufix Advance Hyper Copolymer Monofilament, 6lb:
-Rapala Ultra Light Rippin Rap, #3:
-Frabill Clear Rubber Conservation Net:
-Costa Del Mar Jose Sunglasses:

Stream Trout in lakes are often stocked in bodies of water that have pristine water quality that help support the oxygen and temperature needs of the fish. Many of these lakes are tucked off the beaten path to preserve their cleanliness which can make accessing them difficult. Luckily, kayaks provide an easy way to travel light without compromising fishability.

Wired2Fish staffer McKeon Roberts sets out on a scenic stream trout lake with a simple strategy of trolling cranks from a kayak. The pedal system in the Old Town Topwater PDL allows for hands-free fishing and the ability to dial in speed while the crankbait does the rest. McKeon keeps a close eye on his electronics to avoid warmer shallow water and keep the crank running between 1-1.8mph.

A limber rod is used to absorb the shock of violent strikes and a thinner lighter line is used to bring the bait down to maximum running depth. This light tackle setup keeps it simple and makes for a great fight against drag peeling trout.

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