Trout Pond Bucket Biology Intoducing Yellow Perch

Bucket Biologists are the volunteer staff of the fishing community who move live fish around from one body of water to another. They mix and max introducing non native species of fish where they are not supposed to be. It seems to be a big craze moving perch around to small water bodies including trout lakes. I can see why this happens as Albertans are forced to go home empty handed more and more from their fishing trips. Now we can no longer keep walleye or northern pike on many lakes across the great province. Unfortunately this is not an excuse for Bucket Biologists. The activity of moving live fish around is illegal and quite damaging to existing trout fisheries. While there may be a short boom of nice sized perch they often stunt and just become a nuisance like in this video. So I recommend you keep the perch in perch lakes and stop transplanting trout lakes. At least let us catch a decent sized trout for dinner. Well that’s it for my Bucket Biology soap box today. I hope you enjoy this little example of the Bucket Biologists results.

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