Tunkwa Lake Ice “Fishing with Rod”

Tunkwa Lake freezes over every year and offers a great location to get out on the ice and try out ice fishing for the first time. It is a fairly large lake with lots of room to move around and search for fish. We started off in a shallow bay in the morning, but fish were not that active. We moved around the lake until mid day when we found some out in the middle of the lake in 16 feet of water. In the evening moving back into the shallow bay turned out well as the fish moved in to feed. The weather had been flip flopping around and may have been responsible for the lack luster bite during the day.

Rodney from “Fishing with Rod” https://www.youtube.com/fishingwithrod was out on the lake as well. We have fished together the odd time on the Vedder River and this was the first time out on the ice. I have learned a lot from his Youtube Videos on fishing in British Columbia. He has been especially helpful with fishing coho salmon on the rivers. I attribute a lot of my interest in river fishing now to his influence. So go check out his channel and SUBSCRIBE to him. His videos are way more interesting and higher quality than mine. So if you put up with mine, you’d probably really appreciate the time Rod puts into his!

Check out his ice fishing video as well which has a few clips from our day together on the ice.
https://youtu.be/yGuNNJreA3M “ICE FISHING for Tasty Tunkwa Lake RAINBOW TROUT! | Fishing with Rod”

Gill Steele was also along and hooks a nice trout in the video. Check her out on Instagram for some great River Fishing shots! www.instagram.com/gillsteele_/

Hopefully we can get out again with better fishing conditions to put a more action packed video together.

Does anyone like collaborative videos? I have only done one in the past and even though I thought it was a great video it wasn’t that well viewed. Tell me what you think.


As always, God Bless Your Adventure! Go catch a big one!