Uncut Angling Vs Everybody – Jigging Jaw Jacker Edition

My Uncle and I had a lot of fun with the Uncut Angling VS Everybody Walleye Tournament. Thank you Aaron, my uncle even won one of the FROST BITE 100$ Daily Draw Prizes!!!! So Woohoo! Paid to enter those Sub Giant walleye we were catching after all. Great that he had the draw to make us more inferior anglers on submonster walleye waters feel like we still had a chance. Well here you go our second decent walleye anging day. The other three days spent on ice were either Epic walleye failures or Perch fishing days. Whichever way you chose to look at it we did not catch any 30 inch walleye. till next time! Keep your hook in the water and go catch a monster.

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In this video you probably also saw that we slayed the walleye with these new Jigging Jaw Jackers. They really are amazing. You see how I was missing fish after fish and somehow these Jaw Jackers were sealing the deal for sure! Highly recommend them after one season of use. Super long batter life.

www.jawjackerfishing.com – USA

www.tackleshack.ca – CANADA