Underwater Trout Behavior Chironomid Fly Fishing

Another New Underwater View of a Rainbow Trouts reaction to these barely visible tiny little flies that mimic chironomid during the spring and summer months of the year. Rainbow trout feast on these like they have never seen food before. I have watched the float disappear hard so many times and wondered what was exactly going on down there. How do the fish relate to these small presentations. Well this video was sure eye opening watching trout key in on the chironomid from several feet away and inhaling it. Then some would cruise in with interest and make a hard turn right before committing. So interesting to see. I have another video to make from footage I obtained the first time I tried this. I tied the fly to the GoPro with float back and let it drift. Within a few minutes I saw my GoPro vanish and not come back up. After 30 minutes I was sure I lost it. But heading home I saw my Go Pro streaking through the water in the shallow. I took after the fish in hot pursuit and after 10 minutes of chasing the hook finally pulled releasing the trout and my camera back to me. I’ll put that video together at a later date. Anyways I tied some chironomids and cut the hook off to get this footage so I wouldn’t lose more cameras. I hope you enjoy this one.

Tell me what you think? I enjoy hearing your own comments and experiences out on the water! Let me know if you have suggestions for other underwater scenarios you would like to see. I’ll see what I can do.

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