UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K GoPro Remix

Professional Driver.
One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle.
Do Not Attempt. You Could Die.

Driver: RJ Anderson
Vehicle Specs: www.XP1K.com
Location: Kaiser Eagle Mountain
Song: “In the Moog” by Extreme Music

Mad Media, and UTVUnderground.com launched an extraordinary viral video on August 8th dubbed “XP1K”, that features off-road champion and factory Polaris off-road racer RJ Anderson behind the wheel of a custom built, 190 horsepower, 2014 Polaris RZR XP1000 UTV. The video is a non-stop blitz of off-road action, jaw dropping close calls, and precision driving — and features a climactic world distance record jump. XP1K has racked up over 800,000 views in a mere three weeks, and has been featured on Jalopnik, Top Gear, Drift.com, Complex, BBC, Car and Driver, Autoblog, Offroad.com, Supercross.com, and Powersports Business, to great acclaim.

The second video clip in the XP1K campaign “UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K GoPro Remix” was released on August 28th — and is made up completely of shocking and violent GoPro Hero 3 point of view footage shot exclusively during the filming of XP1K. Cut to an aggressive dubstep soundtrack — this over-the-top four-minute visual assault features all of the best GoPro video footage captured during filming, as well as some funny and sketchy shots that were left out of the original XP1K video.

“We’ve been fans of GoPro since day one.”, commented The Martelli Brothers — directors of XP1K and best know for their work on the first three Gymkhana films. “We struggled for years trying to find the perfect mix of quality video, long record times, and durability. It wasn’t until the launch of the Hero that we found that perfect mix — and the Hero 3 is absolutely amazing in terms of the evolution of the platform. We utilized over forty GoPro Hero 3’s on XP1K and captured astonishing and remarkable shots that could not have been filmed any other way. Many of them were happy accidents. We can’t believe how well they held up under the extreme conditions we put them through.”

UTVUnderground.com and Mad Media tapped our friend, championship UTV and Pro-Lite racer RJ Anderson to pilot our 2014 Polaris RZR XP1K machines, and together we put down a dream list of stunts and tricks that we could stich together into a single, over-the-top video.

We assembled an off-road dream team to build two RZR XP1K UTV’s, so that we could attempt the most fantastic and challenging UTV stunts ever filmed. Our RZR XP1K machines started out as bone stock 2014 Polaris RZR XP1000’s — and were built into race ready vehicles with the help of suspension master Randy Anderson (Walker Evans Racing), UTV racecar builder and racer Mark Holz (HOLZ Racing Products), engine and drivetrain guru Kevin Kroyer, (Kroyer Racing Engines), and Polaris RZR turbo expert Trey Lokey, (MCX-USA Turbos). We also got a ton of support from the technicians at Polaris — who were instrumental in helping us breathe life into these cars.

The location we picked for XP1K is called Eagle Mountain. It’s an abandoned iron mine just East of Palm Springs, California that has been used in several TV commercials and movies. Our video doesn’t feature futuristic killing machines (Terminator), but it was the perfect off-road playground to showcase RJ Anderson’s aggressive driving skills, car control, and the power and durability of the new RZR XP1000.

The goal of this project was simple. We wanted to share our love of UTV’s with the world.
We wanted to put YOU in the drivers seat, and let you feel what it’s like to smash the gas pedal and GO!

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Adult models – 16 and older. Be sure to get safety training. The vehicle displayed in this video is not intended for on-road use. Driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Passenger must be 12 years old, and tall enough to use hand holds and plant feet firmly on floor. Always use cab nets, wear seatbelts, helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Do not operate on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix! Never carry more than the appropriate amount of passengers. Follow all warnings/instructions in owners manuals and on product. UTV Underground and their affiliates are not responsible for injuries that may occur from emulating or copying the riding, driving, or stunts performed in this video. Visit www.rohva.org for more information on safe operation off-road vehicles.