Vanishing Jumbo Perch of Cascade Lake Idaho

While we still caught some true giant perch at Cascade Lake Idaho this year in March we seemed to run into far less fish than we have before. The fish were not on a minnow bite as it seems a whole generation of perch minnows have Vanished from the spring 2018 spawn. This is a sad loss since perch numbers are on a drastic decline over the last three years. With that said there are still plenty of abnormally huge fish swimming in the waters and still days where guys are catching 50+ fish. The week we were there guys were catching more like 4 fish a day. Pretty slow fishing. It’s a big lake though and the fish can be just about anywhere. So if they spread out you just aren’t going to run into them thick like usual on structure. Well I hope enjoy this video. Was the best we got with the super slow fishing we experienced down there in early March. Weather was hard to beat though.

Check out and use DOC15 at check out to get 15 % off your order. They have all the tungsten lures I’ve been using while down on Cascade Lake. The Alpha001 ultralight rod I’m using can be found there as well. Really like using it! will be where you want to find your Jigging Jaw Jacker. These things were the difference. The regular Jaw Jackers would just sit all day, but the jiggers were connecting with fish about as often as we were on our own hand lines.

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