Vargo Titanium Triad XE T-207 – Review

Today we are reviewing the Vargo Titanium Triad XE stove.
Will it be a hit or a miss? Find out now.


Compact design and retractable top and bottom legs make it easy to pack

Fits some pots.
Multi-fuel : solid, gel denatured alcohol
Boils two (16oz) cups of water in approximately 6 minutes
Weight: 1.5 oz

#1. Holds limited amount of fuel

#2. Difficult to fuel up.

#3. Priming is finicky.

#4. Doesn’t stay lit. This flame goes out WAY too easily.

#5. Due to the prongs which hold your pot/cup, it will not hold a rounded bottle cup such as this usgi stainless steel cup. It just flops around. Also if you use a canteen cup, very unstable.

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