What Teton Sports Got Right and Wrong – Teton Sports Budget Friendly Altos Sleeping Pad Review

This is a budget friendly sleeping pad made by the outdoor company Teton Sports.

The Altos is a summer pad that’s fairly lightweight, offers 3” of cushion and my review begins now.

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Teton Sports Altos Sleeping Pad

What it is : This is a budget friendly sleeping pad made by the outdoor company Teton Sports.

The Altos is a summer pad that’s fairly lightweight, offers 3” of cushion and my review begins now.

Agenda Free Link : https://www.amazon.com/TETON-Sports-Sleeping-Inflatable-Backpacking/dp/B08M49PBDG

Colors : Baby Blue

Versions : Insulated, Non-insulated

R-Value : The non-insulated version has a r-value of 1.3

Size / Measurements :
Inflated – One only, 72” x 20 x 3”
Packed – 9” x 3.5” x 3.5” – about the size of a Nalgene bottle.

Materials : 75D Diamond Shell – polyester

Weight : 1lb 9oz with the storage bag

Price : $40 for the non-insulated, $60 for the Insulated

Review Pros :
Good size pad for individuals up to 6ft tall.
Great quality – no issues with leaking.
Very good price – affordable for the size
Overall good size
Easy to inflate – good valve
Comfortable to use – can sleep on it any way that you like including side with nothing touching the ground.
Not very loud when moving around on it.
When packed, it doesn’t take up a lot of room inside of your pack.
Lifetime warranty! That means a lot especially when it comes to a product of this type.
Larger air chambers on the sides to hold the user in the center of the pad

Point : No inflation bag is included – this isn’t really a con considering the price but should be mentioned.

Now onto the real cons….

Review Cons :

Because of the size of the pad, it can and will take time to inflate the pad via your lungs.

Ugly blue color – it’s more of a baby blue would prefer additional color options or at least a darker blue.

Pad is slightly slick due to the materials; you might want to consider an anti-slip solution such as seamgrip.

No repair kit included

There isn’t an XXL pad for taller and wider individuals

R-Value :
Speaking of the R-value, Teton Sports isn’t forthcoming about this information on their website; you can only find these details on the Amazon page which I flat out do not like.

The insulated version of this pad isn’t all that insulated. It is rated only for a 2.7 which is fairly low.

Maybe they don’t state the R-value because 2.7 is so low that one won’t likely even notice it. 2.7 is generally recommended for cool, above freezing conditions.

Summer r-values run between 1 – 3
Fall and early spring 3 – 5
Winter 5+

Summary :

All in all, this is not a bad sleeping pad for the money; it’s a good size, offers excellent cushion, the quality is good and it features a lifetime warranty!

For this price, there aren’t many companies that do.

Over the last year or so, I have been very impressed with Teton Sports; very good quality products for the money.
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