What’s Too Much? Ultralight Valtcan 1000ml Titanium Kettle

Today Luke is reviewing a Titanium Kettle; this is a 1000ml Kettle made by the company called Valtcan. To be honest, I know very little about this company.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure who sent this to me; it was in the mail one day – not sure if a viewer sent this to me or the company.

If it was a viewer, thank you!
If it was the company, they may regret sending it.

Find out why in my review.

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Valtcan 1000ml Titanium Kettle

What it is : This is a 1000ml titanium kettle made by the company called Valtcan. To be honest, I know very little about this company and in fact, I’m not even sure who sent this to me; it was in the mail one day – not sure if a viewer sent this to me or the company.

No matter what, just as with all of my content, this review is agenda free; I don’t care if you purchase this, I’m here to share my thoughts and opinions.

Agenda Free Link Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Valtcan-1000ml-Titanium-Kettle-Camping/dp/B09CNYX1SD

Dimensions : 3.5” high x 5.5” wide

Weight : 7.3oz for the kettle / 8.7oz for the kettle and bag

Capacity : 1000ml / 33.8oz / 1 liter

Features :
Removable Silicone handle grip
Angled spout
Internal filter – this is good for when you are making loose tea, boiling noodles, etc
Includes store bag
Vents in the lid
Grab tab on the lid

Price : $85

Pros :

Lightweight especially for the capacity
Good capacity – Large enough that you can cook in it and eat from it as well as boil and heat.
Very good quality
Good handles, the silicon grips do work
Good grab tab on the lid – good resistance so it stands up
Handles have a good amount of resistance so when you stand them up then don’t fall over and heat up

Cons :
Pricey – for a titanium kettle, this is expensive especially when you can find virtually identical products for about half the price. For an example, Boundless Voyage has a version of this kettle that looks to be virtually the same and it’s $60 instead of $85. There are others and they are even less expensive. If you want to go with an aluminum kettle that’s a little heavier, you can get those at a much cheaper price, starting at $14.
Internal filter can either be a benefit or a hindrance depending on what you are doing. For an example, if you are making cowboy coffee, it can make the entire cleanup process more difficult than it needs to be. Not a big con by any means.

Summary :
All in all, I like this kettle, the quality is great, the size is perfect for single person use or group use but the price is higher than comparable products. Again, products that are virtually the same! Speaking of which, I was disappointed to see that this product is a relabel and not a unique product – maybe that is what Valtcan Titanium does – someone else makes the products and slaps different logos on them.
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