Why YOU NEED TO TRY the Winnerwell Pipe Oven on Your Next Hot Tent Camping Trip – Hot Tent Baking

I review the Winnerwell pipe oven that I use with my hot tent stove. The Winnerwell pipe oven is a hot tent camping oven that fits on the stove pipe of your hot tent stove. The Winnerwell pipe oven is compatible with both medium and large size Winnerwell Nomad and Winnerwell Woodlander hot tent stoves. This type of hot tent oven is the best hot tent oven type because it frees up valuable cook top space on your hot tent wood stove. The hot tent pipe oven is the perfect addition to your hot tent winter camping setup. The hot tent pipe oven is an amazing hot tent baking oven that makes it easy to make your favorite hot tent baking recipes, like cookies, fresh bread, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, meatloaf and baked pasta right in your hot tent oven!

When you are hot tent camping, space is crucial. The Winnerwell pipe oven stays fixed to your damper pipe throughout your hot tent winter camping trip. This means the hot tent oven is always hot and ready when the woodstove is running, and also means that the entire cook surface of your hot tent stove is available for preparing other portions of the meal. In terms of a winter camping oven, or a camping oven in general, a hot tent pipe oven is a great addition to your hot tent setup. You’ll love hot tent baking in this portable winter camping oven.

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